Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

There are many questions that arise in mind of pregnant ladies, which they frequently ask me. Here, I have tried, in simple language, to solve these questions, which will be useful to them.
What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?

Nausea, Vomiting, Easy Fatiguability (Tiredness), Heaviness in Breasts.

Which are the tests to diagnose pregnancy and how reliable are these?

After missing the period (if periods were regular) on 2″ or 3rd day, if morning 15` urine sample is checked (Urine Pregnancy Test), then pregnancy can be detected with 97% assurance. Ultrasonography performed at 7 weeks from LMP (Date of Last Menstrual Period), can show the Fetal Heart activity. Fetal Doppler Machine can hear Fetal Heart Sounds after 12 weeks from LMP.

Should I see the Doctor BEFORE conceiving (BEFORE becoming pregnant)?

Ideally Yes. You can share the information regarding your pre-existing Illness and Medication you are taking and Doctor will tell you what precautions need to be taken. Doctor can guide you about Pregnancy and Delivery.

Are there any measures which can BENEFIT ME BEFORE conceiving?

Yes. If you consume tablets of Folic acid Vitamin 5mg once a day, starting 3 months before conceiving and continue it for 2 months after missing period, you can reduce risk of certain Congenital Structural Malformations like Spinal Defects, in Fetus, to a great extent.•.

'How much Weight should I gain during Pregnancy? And in which Month?'

During the first 3 months, due to Vomiting, there may not be much weight gain. Total Weight Gain in Pregnancy should be.about 10 Kg. For the first three months, Weight Gain should be ‘A Kg/Month, 4th to 6th Month-1 Kg/Month, 7th to 9th Month 2 Kg/Month. Weight Gain may be less in Working Women. Too Little Weight Gain may result in Fetal Growth Restriction. Too Much Weight Gain may predispose to High B.P., Diabetes Mellitus, Heavy Weight Fetus, Obesity in Woman and Child

Can you suggest me something about Diet during Pregnancy?

Consume Diet with Vitamins (Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables), Folic Acid (Green Leafy Vegetables, Spinach(Palak), Beet, Sprouts, Soybeans, Beans, Milk), Calcium (Milk and Milk products, Vegetables), Proteins (Milk, Da!s, Beans, Peas, Soyabean, Fenugreek Seeds-Methi), Iron (Green Leafy Vegetables, Jaggery), Fibres (Vegetables-Lentils, Peas, Beans; Fruits: Apple, Pear, Orange, Banana) & DHA (Green Leafy Vegetables, Soyabeans, Walnut). Avoid excess Calories e.g. Oil, Ghee, Dry fruits, Ladoos and excess Salt (Papad, Chutney, Pickles, Table Salt).

Why should I see Doctor so frequently during Pregnancy?

It is necessary to reduce or detect early, the complications, or to reduce their severity in Pregnant Lady and Fetus/Newborn. First Visit should be in 2′ month, then Visits should be once a month till 7 months, then once in 15 days in 8th month and once a week in 9th month of Pregnancy.

Can I take Medicines for Vomiting?

As far as possible, avoid taking Medicines for Minor Problems in the first 3 months from LMP. If you have excessive vomiting, causing dehydration, or weight loss, you can take Intravenous Fluids (Saline) or Tablets as net- the advice of your Consultant.

Is it necessary to get Ultrasonography done? and what Information do we get from it ?

Yes. 1. At 7 weeks from LMP: Viability Scan-whether Embryo (Fetus) is viable (alive)? Is it single or there are twins ? and to decide/assign EDD (Expected Date Of Delivery).

  1. At 12 weeks: NT Scan-Nuchal Translucency Scan : measuring thickness of fluid below skin of nape of neck to determine risk of Trisomy 21, 18, 13. Also to visualize Nasal Bone, early Anatomy of Fetus.
  2. At 19-20 weeks : Anomaly scan- whether there are any Structural Congenital Abnormalities in r.etus ? This is Very Important Scan.
  3. At 28-32 weeks : Growth Scan-whether the Fetus is growing properly or there is a lag in its growth?

5. At 36-38 weeks : Presentation, EFW (Expected Fetal Weight), AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index), Colour Doppler- adeqauncy of Blood Flow to the Fetus, a sign of Fetal Well Being.

Can Ultrasonography do any harm to the Fetus ?

No. It uses Sound Waves, with Low Energy and Frequency; Hence it is SAFE for Pregnant Woman and Fetus. Q. 10. It is safe to get X-ray done? eg. X-ray of chest or teeth ? A. Avoid X-ray as far as possible IF it is absolutely necessary; wear a Lead Apron around the Abdomen while taking any X-ray.

'I am healthy & I am eating properly, so why should I consume tablets and take injections?'

A. For meeting with the increasing demands of Fetus and for preventing depletion of stores in body of Pregnant Woman, she should consume tablets of Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B-12. To avoid Tetanus, Pregnant Woman should take 2 injections of Tetanus preferably in 4th and 5th month. Also Influenza Vaccine is advisable at 26 weeks to prevent Influenza during pregnancy. Steroid Injection is advisable at 28 weeks to enhance Fetal Lung Maturity, so that in case delivery occurs prematurely, need for Ventilator and Oxygen Therapy to the Newborn, is minimized significantly.

'When will I feel Movements of my Fetus ?'

Generally Fetal Movements are felt in 15′ pregnancy at 19-20 weeks, in 2nd pregnancy slightly earlier

It is necessary to get my Blood Tests done? What do we care to know by doing these tests?
  1. At 12-14 weeks: Dual Marker Test- Trisomy 21,18,13 Risk (Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome, Patau Syndrome).
  2. At 16-20 weeks: Quadruple Marker Test- Trisomy 21,18,13, Neural Tube Defect Risk.
  3. At 16-20 weeks: ANC Profile- In this,
  4. Hb if found low (Anaemia), tablets of Iron or injections of Iron can be given.
  5. Blood Group-if Rh —Negative, special care. Inj. Anti —D at 28 weeks during pregnancy and within 24 hours, after delivery, if Newborn is found to have Rh Positive Blood Group.
  6. HIV- If positive, special care and prevention of its Transmission to the Fetus.
  7. HBsAG (Antigen for Hepatitis B): If positive, special care and precautions need to be taken and 2 Injections need to be given to Newborn (HBIg and HB Vaccine) within first 2 days after birth.
  8. HCV- (Antibody for Hepatitis C): If positive, special care and precautions need to be taken.
  9. VDRL- If positive (Syphilis), pregnant woman iequires to be given injection Penicillin.
  10. PGBS- (Post Glucose Blood Sugar) : if found to have Diabetes Mellitus, special care, including Diet, Exercises, inj. Insulin, Special Precautions during Labour and in Puerperium.
  11. TSH- If found to have a Thyroid Problem, need to take thyroid medicines which are quite safe to the fetus, and to the pregnant woman.
  12. Urine R/M — to suspect Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). If suspected, do Urine C/S ->if UTI is confirmed, need to give proper Antibiotics. UTI if not treated, can cause high b.p., Premature Delivery, Fever with Chills.
  13. BT, CT, PT- to determine Bleeding Tendency-risk of Bleeding during Delivery/Caesarean Operation.
  14. Hb-HPLC- Abnormal Haemoglobin Study- to screen for blood disorders like Thalassemia Minor, which will further require Husband’s investigation & if Both Partners are affected (Thalassemia Minor) Fetal Investigation for having a major blood disorder (Thalassemia Major) in the baby, which will require monthly Blood Transfusion & also such a child can have a lot of morbidities later.
If Pregnant Woman is addicted to Misheri, Tobacco, Excessive Tea/Coffee, Cola or Smoking or Alcohol, then can she have any complication?

Yes. Complications like High Blood Pressure, Fetal Growth Restriction, Low Birth Weight, Ante-Partum Haemorrhage etc.

'My Husband smokes Bidis/Cigarettes just by my side. Can my fetus or I have complications?'

Yes. Passive Smoking: smoke enters from your breath into your body and Fetus can have complications as mentioned in A-14 above.

'Should I do house hold work or take rest? Can I continue my Job (Service)? And till when?'

No problem doing household work or Job (Service). If there is some Risk Factor, then only you need Rest at Home. A housewife should have 2 hours of Rest in Afternoon and 8 hours of sleep at Night. A working woman can continue her Job till 36 weeks or till she can do it comfortably.

Is it risky to Travel or have Sex with Husband during Pregnancy?

In general, risk of Travelling or having Sex with Husband is less from 4″ to 6′ month, but if you have any Risk Factor for Abortion or Premature Delivery, do as per your Consultant’s advice.

'What can I do to know about my Fetus' Well Being? What can my Doctor do for the same?'

From 34th week till Delivery, you can keep Daily Fetal Movement Count & chart it. Doctor can do Ultrasonography, Non Stress Test (NST) or Colour Doppler Ultrasonography for knowing Fetal Well Being.

What should I do to have Normal Delivery?

Have a Well Balanced Nutritious Diet. Perform Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam (Anulom vilom), Breathing Exercises, Walking, Physical Exercises, Pelvic Floor Exercises. Pelvic Floor Exercises improve control over tendency to Urinary Leak during Pregnancy and can help regain tone of Pelvic Floor Muscles after Normal Delivery. Perform Squatting Exercises also.

Why is the incidence of Caesarean Operation increasing?

Pain Tolerance has significantly reduced in today’s Pregnant Woman. They are concentrating only on high calorie diet (which makes them put on unnecessarily excessive weight which makes them lethargic). They do not Practice Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation etc. mentioned above. With Small Family Norm (1 or 2 children only), If there is Risk Factor for Pregnant Woman or Fetus, no one feels like ‘Taking Risk’. Common Indications for Caesarean Operation are Breech Presentation, Previous Caesarean Operation, CPD (Small Passage or Big-ized Fetus), Prolonged Leaking (>12 hours), Delayed Progress in Labour, Fetal Distress (FHR dropping or Fetus has passed Meconium in Utero early in labour).

'Which Exercises shall I perform during Pregnancy?'

Yoga, Pranayam (Anulom vilom), Breathing Exercises, Back Exercises etc. These are taught in scientific manner in certain Antenatal Classes or certain C.D.s/Videos.

'Which Exercises shall I Perform after Delivery and when can I start these?'

You can start All types of Exercises very soon after Normal Delivery. If you have undergone Caesarean Operation, start after a few weeks, specially the Abdominal Exercises. You can start Walking 10-10 minutes twice a day, increase gradually. Pelvic Floor Exercises and Yoga can be started soon. Jogging (Running) can be started 4 weeks after Caesarean Operation. Abdominal Exercises can be started 6 weeks after Caesarean Operation.

What are your tips about Diet after Delivery?

Avoid Oil, Ghee, Ladoos, Dry Fruits, Sugar, Excess Salt. Prefer Cow’s Milk, Salads, Fresh Fruits & Fresh Vegetables whenever hungry.

Is the Internet Material reliable?

Not everything on Internet is necessarily Scientific. You should know which Website or Internet Material to follow. Sometimes it may be confusing or misleading. It is better to have faith in your Doctor and believe what your Doctor tells you.

'What would you say about certain advice given by relatives (Myths and Superstitions) regarding Pregnancy?'

It is better to follow Scientific Knowledge and Advice, offered by Your Doctor.

`Do we need to show our ID (Identify) Proof?'

Yes. Government Of India has made Aadhar Card compulsory at the time of Birth Registration, Ultrasonography & Hospital Registration. So do carry a Passport Size Photograph and Copy of Aadhar card of your Husband and Yourself with your file.

Can the Budget (Cost Estimate) given by Doctor exceed?

Yes. In certain circumstances like Caesarean Operation, your Gynaecologist needs to call outside Doctors or sometimes your Baby may require to be transferred to Neonatal Hospital. In such circumstances, the Expenses (Budget) will increase.

'I would like to have No Risk (Zero Risk) for me and my baby.'

It is not possible to have NO RISK (ZERO RISK). But timely Investigations and Management/Intervention can reduce the risk to you and your baby. SO DO Co-operate with your Doctor, when the Doctor advises you certain Investigations or Interventions.

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